PORTLAND, OR:   Recently Completed, this custom residential project is located on a forested site in Portland's West Hills.  An existing home on the property is being expanded and extensively remodeled.  With sustainability goals in mind, the structural frame and foundation of the existing building were retained and incorporated into the new building.  

The project also includes an accessory structure containing garage, storage and shop spaces, and a second floor open studio. FORMWEST Also designed site improvements, including patio and garden spaces, expanded parking and vehicle turnaround, and hard surface connections between the various building elements.

The project incorporates on-site water supply, waste and stormwater systems,  maintaining a small environmental footprint.  A state of the art insulation system has been installed, and both buildings are served by a residential fire sprinkler system.


PHOTO CREDIT: Spin Photography


VANCOUVER,  WA    Curently under construction, this projet will retain but substantially alter a 1940's era bungalow.  A new roof form will be combined with significant opening up of interior spaces to create a modern, open plan with orientation to views of the Columbia River and Portland on the south, and strong connections to an expansive garden to the north.



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