A wooded retreat with  a special view, a south facing courtyard along a river, an arrangement of rooms borrowed from memory, a home designed to express sustainability.  The projects below  each represent a unique architectural solution to a specific site and environment, and to the equally important goals, desires and aspirations  of the client. A stock plan from a catalogue may offer basically satisfactory room arrangements, but cannot in any meaningful way respond to the unique influences that siting, environment and human intentions bring to each project.  To maximize the value of your investment and the rewards of building your ideal dwelling place, an architect designed home is the one-best solution.


Manzanita House



Wind River House




Open plan home with wrap around porch and garden gazebo designed as vacation home for a talented painter and avid gardener.

Timber frame home utilizing insulated concrete formwork technology, structural insulated panels and radiant floor heating. The home overlooks a wooded site.






Medford House



Camas Residence




Craftsman style home on a dramatic site overlooking Medford. The home's  layout and details are influenced by siting, orientation and the Client's  specifc room by room imagery.

Designed for a steep site overlooking the Little Washougal River. The home is organized around a south facing indoor 'courtyard' above and a contrasting open-air courtyard below.






Mt. St. Helens Cabin



Nehalem  House




Located on a remote site, this home features a great room with dramitic views of the mountain, and a southfacing daylight basement. The home uses passive cooling and heating strategies, as well as solar photovoltaic power supply.

Home overlooking the Nehalem River Estuary. Great Room, Kitchen and bedrooms above;daylight basement level includes  garage and wine cellar. Multiple porches  support active connections  to the surrounding site.






Manzanita Residence



Green Meadows


Second home for Portland based professional couple.  The home's open plan provides views to an adjacent greenspace and incorporates a 1 1/2-story south facing sun room

Home and grounds along the Lewis River, incorporating principles of environmentally responsive design. The home is organized around a courtyard that opens towards  a riparian woodland and the river.





Alameda Garage & Shop



Off Grid Starter Home


Inserted into a narrow  lot in Portland, this  building accomodates two SUV's as well as  shop functions. Its details, layout and placement respect the home's vernacular and neighborhood traditions.

730 sf residence with associated multi-use service bay and root cellar  -  a starter for owners of small acreage. Designed to be grid-independent, it also incorporates  passive heating and cooling strategies.




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