FORMWEST Architecture, Inc. provides a full range of services, uniquely tailored to each project we undertake. Below are brief descriptions of the primary phases of a typical architectural services arrangement. Depending on the scale of project, and the desires, experience and needs of the client, the details of these phases may be reduced or expanded.  We also offer services outside of the typical range, including pre-design consultations, feasibility studies, environmental design and master planning, and graphic design / presentation media services. Call today to discuss how we may be of service to your next project.

Outline of Typical Phases of an Architectural Services Contract

Programming: Research and review the Client’s goals and desires.  Interview Client to determine aesthetic desires and special needs.  Produce a list of rooms and spaces with specific functions and activities.  Determine estimated size and volume for each space.  Summarize the basic design concepts and anticipated materials for each area.

Site Analysis: Review any existing documentation for the site.  Visit and photograph existing conditions. Review local codes and zoning restrictions for development.   Field measure and document existing buildings and site features as required.  Prepare CAD base drawings.

Schematic Design: Produce various concepts for review by Client and consider alternate design concepts.  Test various concepts against the building codes, site conditions and physical limitations, design goals and general budget goals.  Produce a final design concept that meets Client’s approval and prepare drawings and documents illustrating the scale and relationship of major components.

Design Development: Based on the approved Schematic Design, prepare documents to fix and describe the project as to architectural and structural systems and other elements as appropriate.  Identify and review major materials and finishes. 

Construction Documents: Based on approved Design Development Documents, prepare documents setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction project.  Coordinate all required consultant documents and specifications into final Bidding/Permit Documents.

Bidding/Negotiation & Permitting: Assist the Client in evaluating bids and budgets provided by General Contractor.  Assist the Client and/or Contractor with submitting plans to local jurisdiction for Planning and Building Department plan-check review.

Construction Phase:  The Architect shall represent and advise Client during the construction phase.  The Architect shall endeavor to guard against defects in work; visit site at appropriate intervals; review applications for payment; review submittals and shop drawings provided by Contractor; prepare and review change orders, etc.  The Architect shall also produce the final "punch-list" detailing required corrections in the work prior to final payment to the contractor. 



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