FORMWEST Architecture, Inc. is a full-service architectural firm serving new and repeat clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Environmentally responsive design is our core principle of practice. It asserts that the ideal built environment results from careful, creative attention to influences unique to each project.  Primary influences may include local features of the site and its historical context, larger scale conditions of the natural environment, current technologies and availability of skilled labor, and most importantly, the goals, resources and aspirations of the individual client.

These influences, when carefully considered and creatively integrated into the design endeavor, produce a final product that may be thought of as the one best solution for that built environment. The design process is informed by a thorough understanding of time-tested solutions in similar environments, and balanced by a desire to continuously explore new ideas and technologies.

This intuitive approach is the legacy of the history of architecture; the principles of environmentally responsive and sustainable design were developed hand in hand with the practice of architecture over the course of generations.  It represents a fully integrated process in which each unique site and program are seen as suited to one unique built solution.  It recognizes the limitations that budget, schedule, and intended use have on realistic building projects, but works to develop design solutions that are in harmony with all aspects of the endeavor.  

Formwest offers a diverse range of professional services including:

Pre-Design / Site Selection

Feasibility Studies

Concept Design

Site Planning

Master Planning

Land Use Review Processes

Design for New Construction, Renovation, and Adaptive Re-Use

Space Planning

Architectural Presentation Media

Interior Design and Materials Specifications

Permit and Construction Documents

Construction Administration

Architectural Consultations





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