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Residential Development

A wooded retreat with a special view, a south facing courtyard along a river, an arrangement of rooms borrowed from memory, a home designed to express sustainability. The projects each represent a unique architectural solution to a specific site and environment, and to the equally important goals, desires and aspirations of the client. A stock plan from a catalogue may offer basically satisfactory room arrangements, but cannot in any meaningful way respond to the unique influences that siting, environment and human intentions bring to each project. To maximize the value of your investment and the rewards of building your ideal dwelling place, an architect designed home is the one-best solution.

Commercial Devlopment

Commercial projects must respond to a multitude of influences beyond the basic goal of creating functional and inviting spaces. Influences such as building and zoning codes, landlord design standards, budget and schedule constraints, connectivity with the public realm, incorporation of current technologies, as well as the goals and aspirations of the client all must be considered and integrated into the built project. FORMWEST can help with all levels of commercial development projects, from feasibility studies, to tenant improvements to foundation-up structures and total environmentally responsive design.

Formwest has been our architect for our historic, multi-use commercial building since 2009 and has completed more than a dozen permits, appeals and historic design review processes. Steve genuinely cares about client satisfaction and has solid expertise on the unique code challenges that such a building presents. I would highly recommend him for any project.

– Gordon Usher, Owner

30+ years of professional experience

Architecture + Environment

FORMWEST Architecture, Inc. is a full-service architectural and planning firm serving both commercial and residential clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our core principle of practice is to facilitate a beneficial integration of natural, human-made, and human imagined environments — architecture based on the principles of environmentally responsive design. This is achieved through commitment to design excellence and exceptional client service.

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