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Commercial projects must respond to a multitude of influences beyond the basic goal of creating functional and inviting spaces. Influences such as building and zoning codes, landlord design standards, budget and schedule constraints, connectivity with the public realm, incorporation of current technologies, as well as the goals and aspirations of the client all must be considered and integrated into the built project. FORMWEST can help with all levels of commercial development projects, including feasibility studies, tenant improvements, remodels and renovations, and new construction.

We have had the opportunity to work with Steve on many projects, including 12 retail tenant improvements, a 3,500 SF corporate headquarters, and numerous residential remodels and additions. The unique and priceless quality of Steve is he adapts to the project seamlessly. It is not about ego or the current trends as the driving force for the designs, but rather design sensibility, corporate culture , technical knowledge and budget. Steve listens and will design as much or as little is requested of him; and he is more than willing to participate on a complete team of clients and professionals. The fact that we have maintained a professional relationship for over 20 years sums up his adaptability and continued relevance in the field.

Nancy Notdurft

Partner, BuildWorks Group

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